Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cristina’s Famous Toffee

Anyone heard of Cristina’s toffee?  It’s wonderfully sweet and delicious!  Cristina was so kind to give us a cooking demonstration and allow us to take pictures while she was cooking up her magic!


Ingredient list:

1 bag mini chocolate chips

2 sticks of butter (not margarine)

1 cup sugar

2 cup of chopped nuts


You ready?  Let’s go!


Begin by spreading 1 cup of chopped nuts on a greased cookie sheet. This one has a liner…


Here is the famous cook with one of THE most important ingredients – the chocolate chips!! 


Spread about half the bag over the nuts.  Then eat a small handful. :)  Shhh!


Take two sticks of butter (NOT Land O’ Lakes!!) and put them in a pan on the stove.


Add one cup of sugar.  Melt over medium heat.  Be ready to stir with undivided attention at this point (7-10 minutes to be exact.)  Now would NOT be the time to start helping kids with homework, start on another batch of cookies, call your sister in Kansas, etc.


Cristina is quite the model of stirring superiority, isn’t she? :)

DSC_0249 Stir, stir, stir!

DSC_0251 When you think you can’t stir any longer and you think your butter is going to burn, keep stirring.  It should look “caramely” brown and it will separate.  Keep stirring over heat and the liquid will “absorb” back into the solid.  Some say that when you see a small puff of smoke, you are done.


Pour over your nut and chocolate mixture.  **Note from Cristina:  This batch got a “tiny” bit too overdone.  Your batch should be a little bit lighter brown.


Spread a little.


Finish off by sprinkling more nuts and chocolate chips over the top.  Would you call this treat an “over the top” dish?  I would. It is fantabulous!!!

DSC_0262  DSC_0264

Let cool for up to an hour.  Your toffee should break apart and be brittle.

Thanks for teaching us, Cristina!  We are blessed to have your amazing talents in our ward!